With the arrival of a new year it is normal to start worrying about the expenses that are coming and how to deal with them; from the payment of taxes, the enrollment for the children’s school or the maintenance of your car.

With all this, an online loan is presented as a financial push to get out of these complications, but it is not an excuse to trust, many unscrupulous people use these dates and the need of people to be able to make scams in order to keep the money of others.

Be careful in 2020 with your online credits

Be careful in 2020 with your online credits

There are many modalities that scammers use to deceive their victims; from giving them multiple false data in order to create a false trust, present offers or promotions at a very low cost for those seeking a loan or supplant the name of entities already recognized in the market; But, just as there are multiple forms of fraud, there are ways and tips to discover these supplanters.

Thinking about your safety and well-being, Good Credit wants to give you tips that will help you know if you are being the victim of any fraud or financial scam. You can also check our previous articles to learn more about how to avoid online fraud.

tips to avoid fraud in an online loan in 2020

tips to avoid fraud in an online loan in 2020

  1. Are they asking for money? Be wary

    To carry out any procedure concerning a loan or disbursement of money, credit institutions cannot request payment or some type of deposit in advance to make it. If they ask you for money before the disbursement is made to you, it is most likely that it is some kind of deception.

  2. Make sure the veracity of the company where you are applying.

    It does not matter if it is a physical or digital company, without exceptions it must always be registered with the different control entities, such as the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, the Financial Superintendence or the Chamber of Commerce of your city. You can request the NIT of any company and validate it with any of these entities. If the company does not provide your NIT, you have a very clear reason to doubt its legality.

    With the rapid growth of information networks, it has become very easy to perform any information search on the Internet; Take advantage of this to find references, comments or reviews of the entity to which you are applying. Searching for references on Facebook is a good alternative to help keep in mind; Many companies manage networks to keep in touch with their customers, so one that doesn’t have them can be a reason for suspicion. Likewise, reviewing comments on networks will help give you a broader view of the entity.

  3. They offer prices well below their competition.

    One of the most common ways that scammers use to attract people is by showing offers that have charges or interests well below those of the market. When you find such an offer it is important that you verify because its value is lower than the others, or that other clauses handle to be able to offer this value.

  4. Does the website have security certifications?

    A very easy way to validate the security or reliability of a web page is through the certification of the HTTPS information security protocol. Through this protocol, any web page certifies that the information used within your domain is protected from attempted theft or duplication. But how do I know if a company uses HTTPS on its website? This is the easiest part, you just have to check the URL of the page where you are and there, at the beginning of the address you should find the HTTPS.

  5. Make sure you are applying with the company you claim to be.

    Another of the most common frauds is the impersonation of companies; In these cases, false entities take the name and prestige of consolidated companies to deceive their users. Before this, you must be cautious about where you apply. In addition to reviewing the HTTPS certification, it is important that you validate if you are on the website of the entity that it claims to be.

    If you came to the page through advertising or a recommendation link, make sure the page does not change address multiple times as this could send you to a different page than the one you are looking for.

  6. Do not contact through intermediaries or third parties.

    On other occasions, scams are not made by entities directly, but by intermediary assumptions. These people pose as intermediaries of the companies in order to guide the user in their procedures and to usurp their personal data or keep the loan money and leave the user in charge of a debt that he never used.

  7. Do not trust if they contact you through unofficial or formal means.

    If the offer to acquire a loan comes to you through a text message, WhatsApp or an email and you do not remember requesting information or registering on these channels, be very careful, your data may be in some illegal contact base, which They use scammers to send messages and trick their victims.

Extra Tip: Report all these acts of fraud or deception.

Whether you were a victim of some type of this fraud, or realized on time and managed to avoid it, it is important to report it. Although they are false pages that may not last more than 2 days on the internet; It is important to report the case to the relevant entities for investigation and thus prevent this type of fraud from continuing.

These tips will help you easily detect possible fraud or scam attempts you can find on the Internet; Even so, it is important that you always turn to recognized entities in the internet loan market, such as Good Credit.

Is Good Credit legal?


Yes, Good Credit is a company that has been in the Colombian market for more than 6 years offering credit services online, quickly and easily.

The certificates of legality and security, together with its control system makes Good Credit the safest option in the online loan market, but if you still have any doubts, remember that we are always here to give you the best experience during the application for your Credit online